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Helping You Keep Your Tires on the Road 

Tires require the most attention when it comes to vehicle maintenance. This is for good reason as faulty tires can cause a variety of complications for your car or truck. Here at Wagner Brothers Car & Truck Repair in Boylston, MA we can help you take care of your automobile’s tires with our rotation and balancing services.

Tire Rotation

Even with careful and proper use, tires will wear out unevenly. This is due to the naturally uneven weight distribution in your car. For front-wheel drive vehicles, the tires on the front of your car will wear out faster than those in the rear. The opposite is true for rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Our tire rotation services ensure that your tires wear out uniformly. Through this service, the tires of your car are moved from one position to another. Your front tires will be swapped with the rear ones, the ones on the left exchanged with the right, and so on. Uniform tire wear ensures a smoother ride, and better control of your vehicle.

Tire Balancing 

Several forces act on your car or truck’s wheel as it rotates. If it is not balanced properly, this can cause it to wobble. This behavior can cause unwanted vibrations in your vehicle that can be dangerous at high speeds. It can also increase the wear and tear of your tires and suspension system.

When we balance your vehicle’s tires, we eliminate the chance of the wheels wobbling. This results in a much smoother ride. It will also help you save money in the long run as it will help make your tires last longer.

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